Student focussed, results oriented & passionately taught by community conscious, qualified staff.

Our Programs


Our Tots program is our specialised babies program. Within this program, we focus on getting babies to become competent in various fundamental swimming skills, even before they can walk! These fundamental skills include (but are not limited to), being safe and comfortable in the water by blowing bubbles, floating, kicking and paddling, safety falls & turning to safety.

The Risers program in our centre is unique as we believe that aquatic education is based around physical, cognitive and developmental stages for all swimmers. This program is considered a confidence & skill building transitional program from the Tots to the Strokies program.

The Strokies program focuses on getting children moving with confidence and utilising appropriate stroke techniques. Children in this program may begin as young as 3 years of age who have never swum before, upto their tween years. As with all of our programs, this one too has a big focus on water safety skills.

Stroke perfection and preparation for squad based swimming. By the end of this level, competent swimming in all 4 strokes.

Student focussed, results oriented & passionately taught by community conscious, trained & qualified staff.

Our vision is to create a community where swimming becomes second nature, where each baby is nurtured and supported emotionally & physically through their swimming journey by being in formal swimming lessons from 3 months old to become safe, competent swimmers by the time they are in Primary school. We do so within a safe, community minded environment.

What We Stand For

Our values are an expression of us and are very important in shaping how we present and work with you and your children. Our lessons are child centred. We recognise each child as an individual and so cater the lesson to the child’s needs, while remaining within our set lesson plan guidelines. This provides for consistency in each lesson, while tailoring each lesson to your child and their individual pace. We focus on your child’s progression at their progression rate and on their readiness.


A teacher in the pool or a staff member at reception, on the Desk, we are here to build our Swimz Guildford community, upskill the children in water safety and aquatics and have a responsibility to support & develop each child in their swim journey from 3 months of age.

Child Safe Organisation

Swimz, Guildford is a child safe organisation. We put the best interests of children and young people first. Our Child Safe Policies are available on request.


  • It’s a good centre with awesome trainers and the hygiene is maintained. The pool water is clean and the centre is well maintained all the time. Even in winter the temperature is well regulated and the staffs are courteous and friendly. My little one is going here for last 4 months and I am happy with the outcome. Miss Maria is a good trainer and very good with the kids.

    Subhojit De
  • Both children love coming swimming the first few weeks for my daughter were a bit tough and she screamed the whole lesson but now we can’t get her out of the pool 🙂 would definitely recommend you to other people
    Friendly staff , great teachers and lovely environment

    Kasey Delayney
  • Greatest teachers and friendly stuff
    Highly recommend this centre❤

    Tahani Sultan
  • My G/Granson has come along in leaps and bounds .a relaxing and happy place Daniel is always in a hurry to be there .
    Friendly and professional ..”

    Nanny Nolan
    Grand Mother
Teaching Hours

What Makes Our Swim Centre Different?

  • Warm, indoor pool (heated to 32-34 degrees)
  • State of the art facility
  • Dedicated swim centre – focus on Learn To Swim only
  • Culturally sensitive Centre & staff
  • Allow for make up lessons
  • Online Client Portal provided to easily manage enrolments
  • Community focussed recruitment practices
  • Child Safe Centre
  • Members Only facility
  • Boutique, State of the Art facility
  • Hygenic, Safe pool & practices
  • Community Minded
  • Safe family friendly environment
  • We strive for excellence

What Makes our Classes Different?

  • Small intimate classes with as few as 3 students
  • Specialised, well qualified & supported teachers/staff
  • Unique swimming curriculum
  • Progressive program
  • Constant reviews of your child’s progression
  • Tailor made lessons
  • AUSTSWIM Qualified, experienced teachers
  • Classes from 3 months old to 13 year olds
  • Classes run throughout the year to ensure progression
  • Focussed on Learn to Swim
  • Experts in Learn To Swim
  • Lessons focus on Safety
  • Lessons focus on your child’s individual development
  • No floaties used to avoid a child’s false sense of security
  • Faster progression due to a comfortable environment

Our Awards

  • 2020: Finalist: Small Business Awards (To be judged)
  • 2019: Finalist: AUSTSWIM Swim School of the Year
  • 2019: Finalist: Local Small Business Awards
  • 2019: Finalist: Excellence in Customer Service: WSABE Awards
  • 2018: Finalist: AUSTSWIM Swim School of the Year
  • 2018: Finalist: Local Small Business Awards
  • 2018: Finalist: Business Person of the Year: IABACA Awards
  • 2018: Finalist: Micro Business of the Year: IABCA Awards
  • 2018: Finalist: Excellence in Customer Service: WSABE Awards
  • 2017: Winner: New Business: Local Small Business Awards: Jump! Swim Schools, Guildford
  • 2017: Finalist: AUSTSWIM Swim School of the Year: Jump! Swim Schools, Guildford
  • 2017: Finalist: Business Person of the Year: Local Business Awards

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  12 Carrington Rd, Guildford, NSW 2161
  02 9721 0180

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