Student focussed, results oriented & passionately taught by community conscious, qualified staff.
Student focussed, results oriented & passionately taught by community conscious, qualified staff.

About Us

Our vision is to create a community where swimming becomes second nature, where each baby is nurtured and supported emotionally & physically through their swimming journey by being in formal swimming lessons from 3 months old to become safe, competent swimmers by the time they are in Primary school. We do so within a safe, community minded environment.

Who we are

What We Stand For .

Our values are an expression of us and very important in shaping how we present and work with you and your children. Our lessons are child centred. We recognise each child as an individual and so cater the lesson to the child’s needs, while remaining within our set lesson plan guidelines. This provides for consistency in each lesson, while tailoring each lesson to your child and their individual pace. We focus on your child’s progression at their progression rate and on their readiness.

We have a passion and a thirst to learn ourselves and maintain the high quality of lessons & facilities. This is why we are constantly attending Professional Development courses; we partner with AUSTSWIM for new candidates to complete their training hours and recruit good quality, committed and passionate staff. We’re on a path of quality improvements, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries to make our programs, developing our teachers and maintaining our Centre to make it better.

Everything we do in the pool is backed by ‘Science’ and industry expertise. Our programs are consistent, involve a ‘fun’ element, while being grounded in facts. This is because kids learn best in a ‘fun’ environment. We do all of this in a physically and emotionally nurturing way to support the children’s growth and by building trust with each child. This ‘trust-based’ relationship then allows us to push each child to do the best they can do, resulting in quicker progression through their swimming journey.

We are convinced that Water confidence = Life confidence. We have seen this in hundreds of children whose self esteem rises as they master swimming or even when they are able to master simpler skills. We believe in rewarding effort and results and so children get Certificates of recognition and Awards of advancement and encouragement regularly.

We are passionate about who we teach. Our staff know your child’s name, simply, because we genuinely care. We are passionate and are able to build beautiful lifelong memories and relationships with each child/parent through their swimming journey.

Our Story

History About Us

Swimz Guildford owner, Anu had a choice to make…continue on with a rather successful Corporate career OR take the lap of faith into a world where her true passion was – to make a difference in the life of the next generation. A passion to do something that helped people or made a difference in their lives, Anu had worked in in Senior Management positions within the Federal Government. However, after having her own children, she realised she craved to see the impact she made on an individual’s life and somehow, doing so from behind a desk just seemed a little disconnected.

It was time to turn passion into reality and so a swim school in the local community was born as soon as Anu herself became qualified as a Teacher of Swimming & Water Aquatics. She is also a qualified as a Teacher of Infants and an AustSwim assessor for the same. Swimz was born out of a community need for a child focussed, clean, quality centre, underlined by well trained and supported staff.


A teacher in the pool or a staff member on the Desk, we are here to build our Swimz Guildford community, upskill the children in water safety and aquatics and have a responsibility to support & develop each child in their swim journey from 3 months of age.


We are passionate about making a difference and teaching this life saving skill, utilising the best, most practical research in aquatics.

Inspiring & Learning

We inspire and learn from each other and see all learning, in and out of the pool as being infinite. This is what gives us mutual respect for our clients, our staff and most importantly, the children that swim with us.


We treat every child as an individual with their own needs and development curve. So how soon will your child take to begin swimming the lap of the pool? Well…how long is a piece of string? We cannot answer these questions because every child is different and every child is their own person. We alter our approach to them, rather than trying to alter their pace of learning to ours!


We are a family here at Swimz Guildford. Most staff members have family’s of their own with children and grandchildren. We understand children and treat every child like we would our own – giving them the best opportunities available.

Continuous Improvement

We crave to continuously learn and upskill ourselves. We keep ourselves informed of the latest in aquatics education for our team to be able to adapt and change our program to the needs of our community. We are commited to each staff’s learning and development within and outside the workplace.

Staff Support

We truly believe in following our vision, our passion and encourage this for every staff member. We follow their dreams and do what we can to make it a reality – whether that mean becoming a fantastic swim teacher or a child pathologist beyond the pool

Industry Links

We are committed to the aquatic industry and so offer training and assessment opportunities to AUSTSWIM teachers throughout the year. We have on staff AUSTSWIM trainers and assessors who ensure the quality of our lessons and program. We are members of various peak bodies within the aquatics industry which ensures, we are always up to date on all things aquatics!

Best Customer Service

We aspire for you to have the best experience each time you walk through our doors. Our Customer Service staff hope to make you feel comfortable, like you’ve walked into a friend’s place. We instil a ‘happy’, ‘smiley’ culture but if somethings do not go to plan, we want you to come to us and tell us. If you would like to see a change, be part of that change by telling us. Your feedback is what gives us the opportunity to continuously improve our customer service and programs.